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Cute dog becomes Wonder Woman for Halloween

Let Internet star Munchkin brighten your day as she dresses in a classic Wonder Woman costume and deflects lasers with her golden bracelets.

Munchkin might seem like an everyday Shih Tzu dog, but when no one is looking she transforms herself into the DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman.

Munchkin has been labeled an Internet star since her teddy bear cosplay debut on Halloween of 2014, but she continues to entertain legions of fans with her regularly posted videos. Last year, she donned an Ewok costume that would melt even Darth Vader's heart.

In this most recent YouTube video, posted Friday, we see Munchkin wearing the classic red, white and blue starry Wonder Woman costume, complete with tiara.

She even deflects a few lasers with her golden bracelets.

Munchkin might not have the combat skills of the new Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot, or the retro '70s cred of TV Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter, but this dog's version of Wonder Woman could distract any criminal with cuteness long enough for the cops to arrive.