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Multiple cuts for NEC monitors

NEC's personal display division cut prices on its most popular MultiSync models by as much as $100.

NEC's personal display division, which makes the widely used MultiSync line of desktop monitors, cut prices on its most popular models by as much as $100.

NEC is one of the top suppliers of desktop monitors in the U.S. market.

For use in graphic design, desktop publishing, and CAD/CAM applications, the MultiSync P750 17-inch monitor (15.6 inches of viewable image size) was priced at $1,049 and is now priced at $949. Other monitors receiving price cuts include the following:

Monitor Old Price New Price
MultiSync XV17+
17-inch (15.6" viewable image size)
$799 $749
MultiSync XV15+
115-inch (13.8" viewable image size)
$449 $399
MultiSync M500
15-inch (13.8" viewable image size)
$449 $399

The new prices, which are estimated street prices, go into effect immediately.