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A steal of a coffee maker for just $15 today (not a drill, people!)

Plus a large digital air fryer and Dyson vacuum are on deep discount today at Best Buy.

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Bells and whistles are fine and good, but there are three things I need from my coffee maker for us to get along. Programmable, as in able to set it to brew whenever I need (which is generally 12 minutes before I wake up so I can pretend I'm in a Folgers commercial). Brew-pause function, because time slows down to a truly insufferable pace when you're waiting for that first pot to brew and in need of a cup. And auto shut-off because, well, I'm a bit of a space cadet and leaving the machine on all day is not particularly safe or eco-friendly.

This Mr. Coffee coffee advanced brew 5-cup coffee machine has all three important functions, and did I mention it's currently on sale for just $15 dollars (!) at Best Buy as its Deal of the Day? This is as dirt cheap as you'll find a name brand coffee system. If you're in need of a reliable machine for your vacation home, office, camper or small apartment, this would definitely be the time to click, click, buy. 

Best Buy

Order this oh-so-inexpensive coffee system from Best Buy and pick up same day. 

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In addition to the total steal of a coffee machine, Best Buy has a Gourmia 4.5-quart digital air fryer on sale for $60, down 50% from $120. This is a very good price on a digital air fryer of this size and you can have it delivered by Tuesday for free or pick up in-store the same day in time for Sunday's big game (must be ordered online).

Best Buy

Make healthier oil-less versions of favorites like french fries, chicken wings, fried chicken and more.

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And finally, if you're hosting Sunday you might need some backup in cleaning up after all those hooligans. The Dyson V7 Animal cord-free stick vacuum is down 50% to under $200 for today only. Cordless and battery-powered for up to 30 minutes of Dyson's signature and uber-powerful cyclonic technology.

Best Buy

This versatile Dyson will have dirty floors shaking in their boots.