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MPIO-ONE hits the market

Korea's MPIO launched its latest audio and video player more than five months after it was first announced.

The MPIO-ONE measures a little more than an inch--about the size of a AA battery--and can hold 11 hours of music or two hours of video. The tiny player runs on a rechargeable li-polymer battery and comes in three versions: 256MB, 512MB and 1GB.

Credit: MPIO

It comes in six colors including Smart Silver, Fair Gold, Crimson Red, Mystic Gray, Harvard Blue and Midnight Black and sells in Korea and some online channels starting at $247.

There is a hold switch and reset hole in the bottom of the body. And there is earphone jack, microphone, USB port in the top. For supporting line encoding with one USB cable, it has 10 pin type USB cable, instead of typical four-pin type.

The device supports all the popular video and audio formats, as well as an eight-language menu that supports Korean, English, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, German, French and Spanish.

On its newsletter, MPIO said it is also making an external hard drive for MPIO-ONE for additional storage space.