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Moto's green phone

The Motorola Renew W233 is more than just a green device; it's also a decent phone.

Everyone talks about being green these days, but the gadget world is one area where green may seem like an impossibility. Yet Motorola and T-Mobile are doing their best to change that perception with the new Motorola Renew W233.

Introduced at CES 2009 as the world's first carbon-neutral cell phone, the Renew is made entirely of recycled water bottles (at least the plastic parts) and it comes in packaging made from 100 percent recycled material. Moto is also promising that with an estimated talk time of nine hours, the Renew will use less energy.

Though the idea of a green gadget may send some eyes rolling, other users might find comfort in the idea. In any case, the Renew isn't a bad phone. Even with its minimal features and low-resolution display, it offers good call quality, thanks to Moto's CrystalTalk feature. Check out our Motorola Renew W233 review for the full scoop and see our Motorola Renew photo gallery.