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Monster's first noise-canceling over-ear 'phones look good, might sound good

The new Inspiration line lets you express your personal style and block out external sound.

LAS VEGAS--You tell me, is it good or bad that the announcement of Monster's first noise-canceling over-ear headphones was more focused on the design than the sound?


The new headphone line, called Inspiration, does have "advanced noise-canceling capabilities," but that's about all the detail I have on that right now.

More importantly, (at least going by the announcement) is that they'll be available in titanium, pearl white, and a limited-edition silver finish and have an interchangeable headband that will initially come in eight different styles.

Monster says they have the "big high-performance sound of extreme clarity, deep bass, and full power that is the sonic signature of Monster headphones."

The headphones carry a pretty hefty price tag, too: $279.95 for the over-ear Inspiration and $229.95 for Inspiration Lite on-ear headphones. Headbands will sell for $29.95 each. They begin shipping in spring.