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Monopoly Builder adds a resource-building twist, while Crooked Cash adds in fake money

Exclusive: Hasbro's two new Monopoly games change the classic Boardwalk into a world of skyscrapers or filled with counterfeit money that you shouldn't trust.


Monopoly Builder is a race to build a penthouse on the board through resource collection.


Hasbro is revealing two new Monopoly sets that will either see you building skyscrapers on the Monopoly board or trying to use counterfeit money to build your real estate empire.

In Monopoly Builder, properties that you buy will also provide you resources collected based on dice rolls and various board game spaces. Those resources in turn can be used to create buildings that might eventually become towers complete with a penthouse. Players will earn points with those buildings, and while you still can go bankrupt, the winner is the player who earns the most points. The rules have elements of Settlers of Catan, in my opinion, in terms of dice rolling for resource collection and scoring, but Monopoly classics such as the jail, free parking and Chance cards are still very much part of this game. 

The game will sell for $25 in the US and release on August 1.


Monopoly Crooked Cash adds a counterfeit money element into the real estate game.


Meanwhile, for Monopoly Crooked Cash, players are able to attempt to use fake money to make purchases from the bank or other players. Should you have a feeling that someone's $500 bill isn't real, you can accuse a player of using it by spending a decoder chip and using a decoder included in the box to check the bill. If it's fake, the accuser gets to keep it and can still use it toward determining who wins at the end of the game. The game also includes fake Chance cards, and instead of letting you purchase railroads those spaces can advance you to the next unowned property to speed up the game. 

Crooked Cash will cost $20 in the US and will be released in the fall.

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