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Moneual smart table lets you order and pay for your food

The MTT300 Touch Table PC is set to introduce a whole new twist on dining in restaurants and cafes.

MTT300 Touch Table
Reuben Lee/CNET Asia

LAS VEGAS--Imagine going into a restaurant and browsing the menu, placing your order, and paying for the meal with a credit card, all from the comfort of your table without having to call the waiter. That seems to be the vision of the folks behind Moneual's MTT300 Touch Table PC.

In fact, a company representative at its CES booth mentioned that depending on customer requirements, the Touch Table PC can be configured to do almost anything a PC can, and is not restricted to use in restaurants only. For example, audio jacks and speakers can be added to enable music playback. Other applications can range from reading magazines/newspapers and watching video to surfing/shopping on the Web and even going on social media.

The concept of the Touch Table PC is pretty simple. It's basically a touch-screen PC built into a table. The tabletop is covered with reinforced glass that adds a layer of protection for the touch screen and PC. According to the brochure, the technical specifications of the PC include an Intel Atom D2700 processor, Nvidia GF119 graphics, 2GB RAM, a 128GB SSD, 22-inch touch-screen and LAN/Wi-Fi. It also runs on Windows 7.

The company is still in talks with businesses to implement the Touch Table PC and could not provide a firm release date.

MTT300 Touch Table
Reuben Lee/CNET Asia

(Source: Crave Asia)