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Miss a great play? No problem

PHOENIX--A start-up called Vivid Sky thinks it has the answer to the problem that has plagued sports fans since time immemorial.

The dilemma: What if you're at a game and you're in line for food when a great play happens?

The solution, at least according to Vivid Sky, is its SkyBox service, which it showed off at Demo '06 here. SkyBox, via either its own proprietary handheld PDA or certain PocketPC or Palm devices, lets fans order food from their seats and have it delivered.

More impressively, it also gives fans access to camera feeds from the television networks broadcasting the games and lets them see instant replays. Even better, it lets fans choose which camera angles to use, so that they can see the replays from the best vantage point.

The idea is that teams would partner with Vivid Sky to incorporate the service with their concessionaires. And by letting fans punch in their seat locations, the food can be delivered right to them without having to talk to anyone.