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Mike Olson, co-founder of Sleepycat, leaves Oracle

Mike Olson has left Oracle to explore other saving the planet.

Mike Olson, Sleepycat CEO and co-founder, has left Oracle. Mike quietly left Oracle in mid-January on amicable terms and indicates that he's going to spend the next while looking around the industry to see what problems he can help fix. (Plus I think he's going to ski a bit. :-)

Mike sold Sleepyat, an open-source embedded database company, to Oracle back in February 2006. Much to my aggravation, I've never heard a negative word out of his mouth about his two-year stay with Oracle, either in public or private. Mike is class and gave to his employer what was due, and then some.

There's no telling where Mike will turn up next, but he's someone that deserves the best. I'll hope to see you back in the open-source fray before long, Mike.