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Microsoft's Surface Pro has room to grow

The verdict is in on Microsoft's second computer, the wait continues for BlackBerry's Q10, and the Skylanders collection grows with the latest twist.

Wednesday's CNET Update wants the best of both worlds:

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We're all hunting for the one device to rule them all: the perfect tablet-laptop hybrid. Microsoft's Surface Pro aims to do just that, but it's not quite a laptop-killer yet. Read CNET's full review here, and be sure to compare how the Pro measures up to the competition.

Also in today's tech news roundup:

- Rumor site SamMobile says the Galaxy S4 could be announced in March for an April release.

- BlackBerry's CEO says the Q10 may not hit the U.S. until May or June.

- Instagram is growing up and now lets users view a feed of photos on its website. (It only took two years.)

- Skylanders Swap Force will have players swapping out the tops and bottoms of collectable figurines. When it comes out this fall, the 16 new figurines can be mixed and matched to create up to 256 different playable characters.

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