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Microsoft trots out its fall lineup

Copying limits may take the fun out of entertainment PCs that use Windows XP Media Center Edition. Also: new mice, an e-wallet and greater security for Passport users.

The software maker rolls into September with a host of plans for upcoming products, from mice to electronic wallets--and new digital entertainment PCs featuring anti-copying technology. The company is also giving Passport users greater security and more control over their accounts.

New 'entertainment' PCs restrict copying
Buyers get a peek at Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard's digital entertainment PCs--but will they be put off by new anti-copying technology?
September 3, 2002

Microsoft beefs up Passport security
The software giant began notifying Passport users Monday night of changes that would give them more control over their accounts and increased privacy and security.
September 2, 2002

Mice set to scamper forth
Microsoft launches its fall line of mice and keyboards, as it looks to gain share over rival Logitech.
September 2, 2002

Microsoft flashes a new wallet
The company will debut a new online purchasing tool and phase out its current Passport wallet by spring.
September 2, 2002