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Microsoft to offer $200 for iPhone trade-in, reports Forbes

The deal will expand an existing program that offers at least $200 worth of in-store credit for a used iPad.

A rainbow of Windows Phones. Screenshot by CNET

Microsoft will try to lure iPhone users to Windows Phone by throwing in a financial incentive, says Forbes.

Citing information from an "inside source at Microsoft," Forbes reported Wednesday that customers who trade in an iPhone 4S or 5 will receive a minimum of $200 of in-store credit at a Microsoft Store. The trade-in program will launch Friday at select Microsoft stores in the US and Canada, Forbes added.

Microsoft confirmed the iPhone trade-in deal in the following statement sent to CNET on behalf of Jonathan Adashek, general manager of communications strategy for the sales and marketing services group:

Microsoft retail stores have an ongoing Recycle for Rewards program, where customers can trade in eligible devices and receive a store gift card for the value of their trade-in. We often highlight specific products eligible for trade-in at a set promotional rate. We will begin an iPhone trade-in offer on Friday, September 27, through Sunday, November 3, to help our customers realize value from their existing devices while enabling them to get new Microsoft technology.

The credit can be applied to any product in the store. But Microsoft obviously is hoping customers will renounce their iPhones in favor of a Windows Phone device.

Microsoft already offers a trade-in deal for iPad users. Consumers who trade in an iPad 2, 3, or 4 can score a $200 minimum gift card that can be used to buy a Surface tablet or other product in any Microsoft Store. This deal runs until October 27.

The company also has a corporate buyback promotion, offering credit to users who trade in a mobile device in exchange for a Windows tablet or Windows Phone handset.

Updated 11:45 a.m. PT with statement from Microsoft.