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Microsoft tidies house

roundup A beta update to Windows XP pulls down the security shutters. Plus: Microsoft sues spammers, and government bodies turn away from Office.

roundup A beta update to Windows XP pulls down the shutters against security flaws and pop-up attacks, as Microsoft turns its attention to suing spammers and dealing with government defections from Office.

Microsoft releases a beta version of the second major update to its PC operating system, with security features the focus of the changes.
December 18, 2003

Driven by budget pressures, government bodies in Israel and Texas are beginning the shift from Microsoft Office to an open-source alternative.
December 18, 2003

The software giant and the state attorney general file suit against a New York-based spamming ring allegedly responsible for sending billions of illegal and deceptive e-mail messages.
December 18, 2003

The software giant looks to play "spoiler" in the integration software market by undercutting competitors.
December 17, 2003

Wristwatches embedded in Microsoft's smart technology are expected to appear in retail stores next month, a move that comes after a delay of several months.
December 16, 2003