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Microsoft search results land inside Facebook

As part of a deal announced in July that resulted from an investment, users can now do Web searches using Microsoft's engine without leaving the social-networking site.

It's hardly unexpected, but Facebook has integrated Microsoft's Live Search into its site.

As part of a deal announced in July, users can now search the Web using Microsoft's search engine without leaving Facebook. Of course, as Mashable points out, there are lots of other ways to search the Internet without leaving Facebook (say, using the Google Toolbar).

Although it's garden variety search today, there are some interesting possibilities--and also some nightmarish scenarios--one can imagine down the road, when one combines search with social networking.

The real question, for now, is how much of a boost Microsoft gets from being inside Facebook. It's clearly a branding-and-awareness plum, but it's not clear how much actual search traffic and revenue will be generated.

Also, since all the searches take place inside Facebook, it's not even clear whether Microsoft will get a direct increase in search share numbers.