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Microsoft gets beautifully picky in new Mac attack

In the second TV Mac attack, Microsoft attacks the power of the Mac. As in branding power as well as computing power. Who's going to believe it?

In its new Mac attack that debuted to coincide with students who can afford Macs playing basketball, Microsoft wants to make something very, very clear: truly, madly beautiful people buy PCs.

People who are picky about their hairstyle, their T-shirts, their jeans. Oh, yes, and their ability to withstand brand messages.

"I don't want to pay for the brand," says Giampaolo, who may or may not have had a bit part in "Twilight." "I want to pay for the computer." That computer should have "portability, battery life, and power."

Giampaolo says he's "technically savvy," though his car (if it is his) seems a little like an old Atari on wheels. Maybe it's a retro thing.

Still, there is one thing very different about Giampaolo's attitude from that of Lauren, the first Laptop Hunter: there is no way he's going into an Apple store.

One can only speculate why. Perhaps it is something to do with the strong rumor that, in filming the Lauren ad, she never actually spoke to anyone in the Apple store. She seems to have been in and out in fewer seconds than it takes to answer a Craigslist ad.

Giampaolo does, however, find a MacBook in an all-encompassing computer store. He declares it "so-oooo sexy." But although she's pretty and she might be a great one-night stand, she's just not a good long-term lover. Is it because she's high-maintenance? Is it because she's flighty? No, she just isn't intellectual enough for Giampaolo.

Well, he's picky, he knows what he wants and, just like his cool jeans, he goes out and gets it. This is all entirely acceptable and understandable.

There is only one thing that nags at me, in that way that a loose seam on your jeans nags at your spare tire.

If Giampaolo were technically (or is it technologically?) savvy, he'd have known exactly what he wanted from the very beginning. There would have been no need to look at a MacBook, no need to look at keyboards that were too small for his very, very large hands.

He'd have just gone straight for the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion HDX.

That would have made for a pretty short ad, wouldn't it?