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Micron broadens notebook line

For the first time Micron adds entry-level models to its notebook line, as it aims to become a top-five PC vendor.

Micron Electronics (MUEI) has expanded its notebook line with, for the first time, entry-level models as part of its drive to become a top-tier direct seller of personal computers.

As CNET reported last week, the VLX broadens Micron's notebook line by adding models priced from $1,999. Most models in its Millennia TransPort line are priced above $3,000.

The TransPort VLX, just 1.6 inches thick, ships with a 133-MHz Intel Pentium processor, 256K cache, 16MB of EDO RAM, a 1.44GB hard drive, one "swappable" bay for a floppy drive or CD-ROM, and the Windows 95 operating system. It also includes Intel?s 430 MX chipset, a Neomagic video accelerator, and a 11.3 DSTN screen.

Pricing for the TransPort VLX starts at $1,999 with a floppy drive. It can be upgraded to include an 8X CD-ROM and software bundle for $2,299.

Micron makes and markets both PCs and memory components.