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Michelangelo, Honest Abe join forces in Lego parody

Watch this grindhouse-style parody trailer of "History Cops," featuring Lego Abraham Lincoln and Michelangelo as partners looking to stop a civil war.

Despite a few potential hiccups, " The Lego Movie" is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray next week. And to celebrate the release, Lego and Warner Bros. have released a grindhouse-style parody trailer for the fictional film "History Cops," starring Abraham Lincoln and Michelangelo as unlikely partners.

The trailer sees Lincoln, the CIA's top abolitionist of crime travel 300 years into the future, partner up with rogue cop Michelangelo to stop a civil war from breaking out over the Sistine Chapel. The 1-minute clip is jam-packed with Lego action and funny quips like Lincoln saying "Emancipate this!" as he throws his top hat to stop a would-be criminal, or "I release you from the shackles of freedom" as he arrests one of the warring crime lords.

Check out the parody trailer in the video above, and get excited for next week's release of "The Lego Movie," which most certainly won't feature Lincoln saying, "Get ready for four score and seven years in jail!"

Michelangelo and Abraham Lincoln, History Cops! Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via /Film)