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'Metal Gear Solid IV' gets its own watch

It's the latest attempt to leverage branding.


Grand Theft Auto IV is a tough act to follow, to put it mildly, but that's not keeping Metal Gear Solid IV from trying--and one of its key tactics is a blitz of bundles and branded accessories that even include its own Bluetooth headset.

That makes sense, to a degree, but its marketing people might be reaching a bit with their latest offering, an MGS4 limited-edition watch. About 500 of these exclusive brushed-steel timepieces will go on sale in the U.K. market on Halloween, according to Tech Digest, for about $197.

There's nothing wrong with the watch itself, but we're just not sure how much all that effort will translate to more game sales, or vice-versa. That objective might best be left to the tried-and-true method: creating controversy.