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Mercury tools will test Java code

As opposed to the many tools for building Java applications, Mercury says it plans to deliver tools that test Java applications before they hit the Net.

There are plenty of tools for building Java applications, but Mercury Interactive (MERQ) said today it plans to deliver tools that test Java applications before they hit the Net.

The company said today that it is planning to ship an automated tool for testing Java code built using toolkits from Microsoft, Netscape Communications, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle.

The company plans to add Java to the list of supported applications for its existing WinRunner, XRunner, LoadRunner, and TestDirector tools. The new support means software developers can design testing scripts that run Java applications through their paces automatically using multiple browser and operating system combinations. The tools could help to speed up delivery of Java applications.

Mercury said the tools support Sun's Abstract Windowing Toolkit and Java Foundation Classes, Oracle's Developer/2000, and will soon support Microsoft's Windows Foundation Classes, and Symantec's Visual Caf?.

The Java support for the tools is now in beta testing, the company said, with shipment planned by July.

Mercury also said today that its tools will be able to test new Java client code from major enterprise resource planning application makers, including SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft, and Oracle.