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McCartney's freak-folk goes on sale

Ex-Beatle shows his freaky side with The Fireman, his collaboration with Killing Joke producer Youth. It's now available in several different packages from

If you think John and George were the only psychedelic members of the Beatles, recall that Paul wrote "Helter Skelter" (although John played that bassline) and check out some of the tracks from his first solo album, Ram. If you're still not convinced, head on over to The Fireman site and take a listen to Electric Arguments. This is Paul's second collaboration with Killing Joke producer Youth, and it's the wildest music he's made in years.

The Fireman

Like the recent David Byrne/Brian Eno record, Topspin Media is handling promotion and distribution for Electric Arguments, and a few days ago they made it available in several different packages, including one with vinyl for $29.99.

This is exactly how music distribution should work: you know exactly what you're getting--no Chumbawamba factor--and have different options depending on how big a fan you are. I'll be shocked if in five years the labels are still hoping to convince us to pay $15 or $20 for a full CD based on one radio single.