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Mayonnaise by the slice: Innovation or curse from the gods?

Mayo lovers and haters take to social media with equal parts excitement and disgust.


Would you put a spicy cod roe mayo slice on your pasta?


Japanese food company Bourbon wants to enhance your sandwiches... with slices of mayonnaise. And these fancy slices aren't even typical mayo flavor, the company announced Feb. 20. These mayo slices will be sold in two distinct flavors: tuna and cod roe.

Why bother squeezing bottles when you can use sliced mayo on your food?


Bourbon suggests the mayo slices can enhance not just sandwiches, but pasta. In fact, the company released a recipe for a carbonara-style pasta that uses the unusual flavored mayo slices.

The slices will go on sale in Japan in March for around $1.80 for a four-pack.

Bourbon (which ironically doesn't make boozy products) is best known for creating sliced chocolate, and has also announced that it will release a new version of its sliced chocolate, as well as apple butter sheets made with white chocolate.

These sweeter slices will be sold around $2.20 for a five-pack of the dessert slices.

While sliced ketchup and sliced BBQ sauce are already widely available for purchase, sadly (or not), none of these sliced mayo condiments and chocolate will be sold anywhere outside Japan. Both mayo fans and haters chimed in on Twitter in equal parts excitement and disgust about the new slices.

"Sliced mayo. So it IS the end of days," one wrote.