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Mathematical! 'Adventure Time' gets themed Dr. Martens

Show your love for Finn and Jake with this flashy footwear based on the cult cartoon, which Cartoon Network has just renewed for more adventures.

Oh my glob. Dr. Martens

Wear your "Adventure Time" fandom on your sleeves -- or on your feet, rather. Iconic British bootmaker Dr. Martens has created a range of footwear themed around the cult cartoon.

Charting the whimsical adventures of Jake the dog and Finn the human in the mythical land of Ooo, "Adventure Time" started life as a hit online viral video, but has grown to become one of Cartoon Network's most popular programmes. Now the cult series is getting its own footwear, with a limited run of Dr. Martens, the iconic boot made fashionable thanks to its association with British music subculture in the 60s and 70s.


The "Adventure Time" boots come in three variations, with either Jake, Finn or both together, and will be available to snap up in shops or online from 2 March, Dr. Martens says. You'll have to move quickly, however, as two of the three pairs will be made in a limited run of just 1,460 pairs. Those eager to nab a pair can register interest on the Dr. Martens website, or pre-order on Solestruck for $150 (around £100 or AU$190).

The surreal adventures won't be ending any time soon, as Cartoon Network has confirmed "Adventure Time" will return as part of its 2015-16 lineup of shows. It will be joined by fellow hits "Regular Show" and "Teen Titans GO!" Cartoon Network is also plotting a "Powerpuff Girls" reboot to debut next year.