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World of Marvel's Black Panther expected to push diversity boundaries this November

Marvel is shining the spotlight on Black Panther's homeland in a new comic book series that focuses on black women, a rarity in the traditional comics space.


Fans of Marvel character Black Panther, listen up. Best known from the film "Captain America: Civil War," Black Panther's fictional country of Wakanda is the setting of Marvel's latest comics book endeavor, according to The New York Times. Marvel confirmed the story in an email to CNET.

Marvel's 'World of Wakanda', which is expected to arrive in November, will feature the women in Black Panther's life, from female revolutionary Zenzi to Ayo and Aneka, lovers serving on the Black Panther's all-female security detail.

The success of Marvel's Black Panther comics spurred the project, said the Times, allowing new writers Roxane Gay and Yona Harvey to create complex black, female characters, a rarity in the traditional Marvel universe dominated by white males.

It's a rarity that's changing. Black teenage genius Riri Williams is set to don the next Iron Man suit.

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