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Markets soar, tech stocks post doube-digit gains

Adobe, Nokia and RIM post double-digit gains, as broader markets soar on banking news. The jump puts the Dow within earshot of the 7,000 mark.

Tech stocks soared Tuesday, as the broader markets surged ahead on news that Citigroup generated an operating profit for the first two months this year.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 379.44 points to end the day up 5.80 percent at 6,926.49. And the Nasdaq climbed 89.64 points to close the session up 7 percent at 1,358.28.

Technology stocks also surged ahead, with the CNET Tech Index climbing 67.84 points to jump ahead by 7.35 percent to 990.66.

CNET Tech Index

Within the tech sector, Adobe Systems jumped 10.37 percent to close at $18.52 a share. Research in Motion was not far behind, with a 10.53 percent gain to $38.96 a share, and Nokia climbed 10.84 percent to $9.71 a share.