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Mark Hamill will play The Trickster again in 'The Flash'

Fresh off "The Force Awakens," Mark Hamill will reprise his role as The Trickster in the 17th episode of The CW's TV series "The Flash."

Mark Hamill will play the Trickster once again in the CW's "The Flash." Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

If you loved Mark Hamill as The Trickster (aka James Jesse) on CBS' "The Flash" in the '90s, you'll be happy to learn that he'll reprise that role for The CW's 2014 series, which started airing in October in the US and UK and will debut in Australia in December.

The role of The Trickster in the CW series will be slightly different than the comedic prankster in the CBS version of the show. The CW described the role as follows, according to HitFix:

Mark Hamill returns in a brand new interpretation of James Jesse (aka The Trickster), a role he originated on the 90's "Flash" series. In this new iteration, The Trickster is an anarchist terrorist con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights who helps Barry (Grant Gustin) and Det. West (Jesse L. Martin) to foil the city-wide attacks of a wannabe Trickster eagerly following in the original's deadly footsteps. The episode will reunite him with John Wesley Shipp who went up against him as the original "Flash" on the CBS version.

The Trickster will debut in episode 17 of "The Flash," which will air sometime in 2015. Hamill joins other familiar faces from the 1990s-era CBS series. John Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen (aka The Flash) himself in the CBS version of the show, and plays Barry's father in the CW series, and Amanda Pays has reprised her role as Dr. Tina McGee starting with this week's episode.

Let's hope Hamill doesn't bring his trusty lightsaber along to The CW for filming. The Flash would likely be no match for an acrobatic, lightsaber-wielding madman.