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Mark Hamill reveals Star Wars Death Star attackers didn't wear pants

Sweating bullets: A heatwave in England during filming of the original movie forced the actors to don shorts.


Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, let slip a tidbit of movie history.

Lucasfilm Ltd.

In space, no one can hear you sweat.

Friday, apparently, was the little-known National Trivia Day, and when asked, Star Wars star Mark Hamill had a gem of movie trivia to share. When asked on Twitter by a fan for a bit of trivia, Hamill revealed, "Because of a record heatwave in England when we filmed the original #StarWars, most of the pilots wore only the top-half of their costume, attacking the Death Star wearing shorts." 

He hashtagged the tweet #truestory.

And when a fan had a follow-up about how the actors managed not to look sweaty on stage, he added, "constant mop-downs between takes."

The comments and jokes that resulted from Hamill's revelation were galactically good. 

"I'm a military photographer and haven't been able to publish a lot of photos because our guys weren't wearing pants," Twitter user Tim Koster wrote. "I guess some things in war never change, no matter what galaxy you're in."

But the news definitely made some fans view the classic 1977 film in a new hope -- er, new light. "You're ruining my childhood memories!" wrote one Twitter user.

Shorts or no shorts, Hamill will return in some fashion in Star Wars: Episode IX, due out in December.