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Mark Hamill just tweeted the best Star Wars Episode IX trailer tease

Laugh it up, Master Luke.

Last week's first trailer from Avengers: Endgame smashed the single-day trailer viewing record, and showed just how important movie previews are in this digital world. 

But another movie trailer's lurking out there in the galaxy. Hype is inevitably about to start spinning up for the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer, and star Mark Hamill couldn't resist promising fans a trailer photo.

Well, he delivered. Kind of. On Friday afternoon, Hamill tweeted a photo of a wheeled trailer marked, "STAR WARS," declaring it "an exclusive Star Wars trailer photo." 

Hamill also admitted he might have to cut back on the fan trolling, "now that it's impossible to trick you nerds."

Hey, what else would you expect from the voice of The Joker?

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for a December 2019 release. This is the best rumor about the title.