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Mario stamps will make you want to mail a letter from Japan

Itsa-me, Mario. And Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, all clowning around on a new series of postage stamps sold in Japan.


Mario stamps may make you want to get a pen-pal in Japan.


Flag stamps are lovely, and pretty flowers and romantic Love stamps aren't bad either. But America will never catch up to Japan if we don't start printing postage stamps as cool as theirs.

Starting Wednesday, Rocket News 24 reports, Japan Post will be selling these awesome Super Mario stamps, which feature Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, all engaging in mail-related activities.

Mario punches a letter out of a block and mails it in a Japan Post Box, Princess Peach writes a letter (maybe in response?), Mario sits dreamily and reads one, Toad dresses up like a mailman, Luigi pulls a letter out of a mailbox. Hope none of them were returned for an incorrect mailing address, because as Mario fans know, our princess is in another castle.

The sheet of 10 stamps sells for 820¥ ($7.29, £5.71, AU$9.61).