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Manhattan iPhone Watch: T minus 3 days

There are now six people in line for the

Greg Packer (left) and Jessica Rodriguez in line for the iPhone. Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

We're up to six people in line, folks. Unfortunately, only two of them were present when I stopped by iPhone Central (also known as the 5th Avenue Apple Store) around 4:00 PM EDT. One of them was Greg Packer, the proverbial "first guy in line." The other was Jessica Rodriguez, who showed up at about 10:00 AM and is hoping to score an iPhone for her sister's birthday--and one for herself if she can nab two.

What was the weather like today? "Hot," they both said. The best item to bring along while waiting in line? Definitely a chair. And as of yet, they still don't have plans for the rumored thunderstorms. But there are some perks: CBS' The Early Show tapes right across the courtyard, which meant that this afternoon there was a live Kelly Clarkson concert (hence the stage in the background of the photo), and Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani stopped by to say hi yesterday when he was en route to an Early Show appearance. Also, Mr. Softee is still parked on the corner.

I'll be checking back in later tonight.