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MandrakeSoft releases latest Linux

The company offers the latest version of its Linux software with new features such as allowing programmers skip traditional commands to access removable media such as CD-ROMs.

MandrakeSoft has released the latest version of its Linux software, code-named Dolphin.

The new version includes a "supermount" feature that lets programmers skip traditional commands to access removable media such as CD-ROMs. It also has integrated intrusion-detection tools and utilities, encrypted communications support, encrypted file systems and secured authentication features.

A free download edition is available now, the company said this week. Retail versions, which include support, can be pre-ordered at the company's Web site for prices ranging from $30 to $199.

The software has been certified to comply with the Linux Standard Base 1.2, a group of guidelines set up by the Free Standards Group to ensure that different versions of Linux will be compatible with one another.

MandrakeSoft is one of a number of companies that offer versions of the Linux operating system. In general, the OS is available for free, but customers pay extra for support and some added features.

MandrakeSoft, which went public in France last year, has suffered a few financial problems. In March, it asked customers to join a "users club" to help raise funds.

The company has had success on other fronts, though. MandrakeSoft recently signed a deal with Wal-Mart to have a version of its software pre-installed on a line of computers sold at the retail giant.