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Man drives while using cell phone, headphones and laptop

Technically Incorrect: A Scottish cyclist captures a driver using seemingly every gadget possible to make driving more dangerous. He posts his video to YouTube.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

A driver is apparently caught, red-arrowed, using three gadgets while driving. Aberdeen Cycle Cam/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are some people who endanger others with their use of a gadget while driving.

Others, though, believe they have the permission, coordination and sheer multitasking skills to use many gadgets at the same time.

At least that's the conclusion one reaches after watching a video uploaded to YouTube by someone entitled "Aberdeen Cycle Cam."

Here, the citizen policeman, a camera perched on his head, seeks out driving miscreants.

What he finds is a man in a large SUV so connected to the outside world that he can't be entirely connected to the road ahead.

The cyclist first sees the driver apparently staring down at his cell phone.

So he races to catch up with him. As the traffic grinds to a halt, he looks (and films) through the man's car window. What he sees is that not only does the driver have a cell phone in his hand. He is wearing headphones and also has a laptop open.

As Aberdeen Cycle Cam himself says on YouTube: "Not only he's not paying any attention to the road, I suspect he's not even on this planet." Oh, which of us truly is anymore?

The action occurred, according to the poster, in Aberdeen, northern Scotland. The BBC reports that the police are looking into the incident.

Of course, one small question might appear in certain heads: why did the driver need to be using all these gadgets at the same time? Was his life so pressureful, so constantly bathed in urgent tasks, that he needed to flout everyone and everything around him?

It certainly looks like it. And it looks like he doesn't care.