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Make music with your messenger bag

The Electronic Rock Guitar Bag combines a typical everyday bag with an electronic guitar. Just strum the bag to make music.

Electronic Rock Guitar Bag

Plenty of musical gadgets have popped up in the news recently. None of them, however, lets you shred guitar notes on a messenger bag.

That's where the Electronic Rock Guitar Bag comes in. It combines a typical everyday bag with an electronic guitar.

To start using the "guitar," you'll have to press one of the three frets located along the guitar's neck. These act as buttons to select pretuned chords that you can strum to. This means you won't need to have a music background to start playing songs from Bon Jovi.

Turn on the mini amplifier (located at the bottom right of the bag), and you're ready to start making music.

The bag--which sells for $49.99 on ThinkGeek--is big enough to store a 17-inch notebook and various other accessories that you need in school. We're guessing it'll be pretty funny if you start jamming in the middle of lectures--just don't blame us if you get kicked out of one of them.