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​Magic Leap's new mixed reality video is half workplace, half hallucination

How will you go to work in the future? Maybe with jellyfish.

This year is about virtual reality, but the future gets weirder. Magic Leap, the biggest mystery company in the embryonic world of mixed reality, hasn't been nearly as forthcoming as Microsoft is with its HoloLens when it comes to letting people taste the future's possibilities. But its videos are certainly cool.

While Wired has a deeper look at Magic Leap's possibilities, this video was also posted today to YouTube. Magic Leap's previous videos included office laser battles and floating solar systems -- this one, called "A New Morning," shows a typical day in the mixed-reality future. Maybe.

You know, checking messages and charts that pop off your desk, viewing an infographic on Everest that rises up like a hologram and starts talking to you. And, of course, looking up and seeing floating jellyfish for no good reason. Are you sold? We still haven't tried it yet, so it's hard to tell. But it sure looks cool from here.