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Tech Industry

Macworld comeback

Apple Computer will share the limelight with software and hardware vendors, which will announce faster chips, new peripherals, and updated programs.

Saying that its turnaround strategy is clearly working, interim CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple Computer will post a $45 million profit for the first quarter. At its annual Macworld Expo show in San Francisco, Apple also trumpeted good news on its product and technology fronts, upgrading the Mac operating system and announcing that sales of its new Power Mac G3 systems had exceeded expectations.

Macworld Expo: News, events, analysisMacworld Expo: News,events, analysis
Today's top headlines
•  Apple to post $45 million profit lead story
•  Apple missing sub-$1,000 market
•  Apple distribution turned tide
•  Jobs sticks to software basics update
•  Mac operating system revised
•  Investors to vote on Power's future
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Other developments
•  New IBM PowerPC chip update
•  Microsoft debuts Office 98 for Mac update
•  Mac version of IE 4 posted update
•  Umax ships small-business clone
•  Hitachi to demo DVD-RAM
•  Power Mac upgrades due
•  Software for Rhapsody on way
•  Mac software to run Windows 98
•  Still no new CEO in sight