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MacBook Pro drumbeat increases as model numbers tip up

The latest sign that new MacBook Pros might be on tap from Apple? Previously unseen model numbers discovered by AppleInsider.

If you were thinking about buying a MacBook Pro this week, I'd wait just a little longer.

Once again, rumors of the imminent introduction of a new MacBook Pro are all over the Web Monday. Inventory model numbers that are purportedly those of new MacBook Pro notebooks were discovered over the weekend by AppleInsider, just weeks after similar evidence was discovered inside Best Buy's inventory tracking computers. AppleInsider later noted that the new model numbers it discovered actually look an awful lot like the model numbers used for MacBooks, however, so things are a bit up in the air.

Come on, Apple, just introduce a new MacBook Pro already. Apple

As a result, this isn't exactly the smokiest gun we've seen of late, but the buzz has been building for new MacBooks for quite some time. The release of Intel's new Penryn notebook chips at the Consumer Electronics Show provided the reason for Apple to upgrade its lineup, which hasn't received a tweak in an awfully long time. There has also been persistent speculation that these new systems will come with the trackpad control technology introduced on the MacBook Air that mimics the touchscreen controls on the iPhone.

Earlier in the month, Best Buy was showing delays in MacBook Pro shipments, possibly indicating that it was running low on inventory ahead of a new system introduction. However, those systems are all showing one-day shipping expectations as of this afternoon.

Tuesday is considered Apple Product Introduction Day, so any Apple notebook purchases might best be delayed another 24 hours. Apple's obviously going to update the MacBook Pro and MacBook in the near future, but this is getting a little ridiculous at this point. Stay tuned.