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Lycos, Qumana offer blog ads

The new Lycos-Qumana Desktop Blog Editor enables bloggers to publish on multiple sites with one click, and share in ad revenues.

Lycos, which first released its BlogBuilder tool in February 2003, is now offering bloggers a chance to experiment with advertising. In partnership with Qumana Software, Lycos has announced a new blog-editing tool that lets bloggers insert keyword-specific ads, called Q-ads, into their blogs and share in the ad revenue. The new Lycos-Qumana Desktop Blog Editor also lets bloggers publish their blogs on multiple sites with one click.

The user-friendly interface, designed to work with most of the leading blog hosts, resembles a typical e-mail window. Other features included with the new tool are offline and old-post editing, cross-publishing, image, video and sound clip uploading, and spell check. The Lycos Qumana blog tools, available to Mac OS or Windows users, are free to download. Lycos is not the first to experiment with blog ad offers, Google and Yahoo began offering different types of ad options for bloggers in 2005.