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Lunar libation: Dogfish Head brews beer with moon dust

The Dogfish Head brewery crafts an out-of-this-world brew with a splash of ground-up lunar meteorites.

Dogfish Head unveils moon beer
Team members from both Dogfish Head and ILC Dover cheer the new beer. Dogfish Head

It turns out the moon doesn't taste like cheese, it tastes like a malty Oktoberfest brew in a frosty pint glass. Delaware brewery Dogfish Head released a seasonal beer with a twist. The Celest-jewel-ale includes a bit of moon dust along with the hops and malt.

The brewery obtained lunar meteorites with an assist from ILC Dover, the company known for creating and manufacturing the Apollo space suit. The meteorite was crushed into dust and steeped in the mixture as it brewed.

Dogfish Head describes the taste of Celest-jewel-ale as "doughy malt, toasted bread, subtle caramel, and a light herbal bitterness." Moon dirt never sounded so delicious. The brewery notes that the dust is made up mainly of minerals and salts, so no worries about accidentally ingesting alien eggs that will later pop out of your stomach.

Unfortunately, you can't go out and buy a six-pack of moon brew. It is only available on the menu at the company's Rehoboth Beach brewpub. The lucky few who get to drink it are served their pints in space-suit koozies, made from (you guessed it) the same material as ILC Dover's space suits.

Those are some pretty valuable koozies, considering they're made with layers of Kevlar, Nomex, Gore-Tex, and Mylar. Only 10 koozies were made, so drinkers have to hand over their licenses as an assurance that the koozies will be returned to the bar after the moon beer goes down the hatch.

Moon dust
Some of the moon dust that went into the ale. Dogfish Head

(Via Geekosystem)