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LSI names new chief technology officer

The chipmaker pinches Robert Payne from Philips Semiconductors to fill the position.

Robert Payne Robert Payne

LSI Logic has announced Robert Payne as its new senior vice president and chief technology officer. Previously, Payne was the vice president and general manager of Philips Semiconductors' system technology and architecture arm. This is not the first time the chipmaker has lured talent away from a competitor. Last May, Abhi Talwalkar left Intel to join LSI as its president and CEO.

Last Wednesday, LSI reported $476 million in revenues for the first quarter 2006, a 6 percent growth compared to first quarter of 2005. Talwalkar seeks to further grow LSI's consumer electronics and information storage markets. Payne's broad experience is an asset to this effort, Talwalkar said in a statement. Payne will report directly to Talwakar.