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'Lost' game for iPod now available

Apple is now selling an iPod game based on the hit ABC series 'Lost.'

Where's the Dharma beer?
Hurley sizes-up the hatch.

Tonight is the season finale of Lost, and although I'm excited to see what happens, I'm also certain the show will leave us will an unbearable cliffhanger. I felt like rioting at the end of last season. How dare ABC toy with our emotions like this?

Well, to keep rabid fans from doing anything they might regret later (do they get Lost in prison?), Gameloft has created an iPod game of Lost that is downloadable from Apple's iTunes store for $4.99.

The game looks pretty cool and challenging, actually. It has 27 levels, weapons, wild animals, and the infamous "black smoke." You can't choose which character you play as (you're Jack), but the game does let you interact with different characters. I know what I'll be playing during commercial breaks tonight.