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Looking to browse the Web and get a Nickleback?

Microsoft and Live Nation are teaming on custom versions of Internet Explorer that tie in with two of the promoter's concert tours.

Internet Explorer 8 now comes with a Nickleback.

No, Microsoft isn't again offering cash to get people to download the browser. This time it has partnered with Live Nation and the band to offer a custom version of the browser.


The software maker is sponsoring Nickleback's 2009 tour as well as Live Nation's Bamboozle music festival. As part of the tie-up, users can download music-themed versions of the browser.

Those who download Internet Explorer 8 from a special Web site gain access to a new live version of Nickelback's hit single "Something in Your Mouth," as well as video of the band on tour. There is also a Bamboozle version of Internet Explorer 8 available at a separate Web site.

Microsoft routinely allows others to create and distribute custom versions of its browsers. Of course, the timing of this is rather interesting considering it comes the same day that Mozilla launched Firefox 3.5, the latest version of its Web browser.

There is also a start-up, Brand Thunder, that creates custom branded versions of Firefox.