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Looking for love in all the right blogs

Now that online dating has become a permanent fixture in our attention-challenged society, where do bloggers fit in?

Blog dating

We wish we had the answer. What we do know is that dating consumes an inordinate amount of verbiage in the blogosphere. So it stands to reason that some entrepreneurial sort will come up with a dating service exclusively for bloggers.

After all, already offers dating tips for the blogging lovelorn, and we have RSS feeds that can deliver custom matches, in real time.

Blogma's relationship advice: Just be careful what you ask for.

Blog community response:

"Just think of the possibilities, two bloggers could date, carefully crafting each date for maximum blogability. As readership grew due to their fascinating tales, they could then start running discrete advertisements on their respective blogs to fund further adventures. Win/win for both of (us) them!"
--My Quest for a Life of Consequence

"We're not fond of uber-personal questions. If you ask us who we are or aren't dating, then you should feel just as comfortable answering highly personal questions from us: 'Say, so how are those marital problems going?' 'Hey, have you whittled down any more of that $20,000 credit card debt yet this year?' 'What's going on with that persistent rash on your back side?'"
--Mouth in the South

"It is important to remember that while you may understand and love blogging, your partner may not. The ancient Egyptians were not unfounded in their terrible fear of inbreeding. If you are dating a non-blogger, be gentle. Be patient. Explain the intricacies of the blogosphere to them. And if their eyes start rolling back in their heads, give them some espresso and forge ahead."
--Blogger Help

"Word up, sister friends. Here at Gothamist, we're certainly not immune to the incestuous blog fabric, but we've learned, because of our propensity to imagine, blog stalk, and general craziness, that we must draw the line at getting too personal."