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Logitech's iPhone game controller pictured again in new leak

A very real-looking shot of Logitech's gamepad hardware has cropped up, even though the product has not been formally announced.


It's no secret Logitech, and others, are working on hardware for iPhones and iPads that will work with iOS 7's new controller features. However, it's been a bit of a mystery as to just what those devices will look like.

A new photo, posted by Evleaks, shines some light on that with a very finished-looking device that cradles what looks like an iPhone 5. It sports a D-pad, four action buttons, and shoulder buttons, along with what looks like a large pause button. In the back, there's a cut out so that the camera can still be used, which also serves as double duty to eject the phone.

The design is similar to a blurry shot snapped by game site Kotaku back in June, shortly after Apple announced support for game hardware.

Logitech did not immediately return a request for comment on the photo, which was spotted by 9to5Mac.

There have been a number of third-party controllers for iOS devices over the years; although, these have used workarounds and required specific support from developers to function. Apple's solution -- which rolled out as part of iOS 7 -- promises something that's more widely supported and actually encouraged within the company's software development kit.

The photo comes days after case maker ClamCase showed off a controller design that houses the iPad Mini and potentially other versions for the iPhone 4S and later. That device has yet to get a price or release date.