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Lisa: Gone but not forgotten

By now, eBay classified listings are old news to any Web junkie, so we have come to appreciate those in which sellers get creative with their postings. This sale of an "ancient" Apple Lisa tickled our funny bones while warming our hearts at the knowledge that someone out there also appreciates that old and haggard electronics aren't necessarily worthless.

Carbon dating places this specimen circa 1984, and the presence of a small image of an apple tipped historians off to the idea that the device may have been used as a planting calendar. Also from the posting: "When turned on, the box groans and the 'screen' glows and comes to life with a cryptic message from the Gods: 'START FROM?,' with a cartouche that looks like the slot on the front. Apparently, some sort of item that was 3.5-inches wide was inserted into the slot as a sacrifice; without this sacrifice, the Gods won't allow the box to work properly." Unfortunately, "the biscuits, or whatever, that are supposed to go into the slot were not found in the basement excavation site" and the machine therefore does not start properly.

Still, reading this posting is sure to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who's come to the realization that one of their beloved electronics has gone the way of the dinosaur.