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LHC steps closer to discoveries on antimatter

CERN's Large Hadron Collider pinpoints its first particle, the sought-after beauty quark.

Large Hadron Collider
Large Hadron Collider Maximilien Brice for CERN

The first particle has been detected in a Large Hadron Collider experiment that hopes to shed light on the nature of interactions between matter and antimatter.

LHCb--an experiment set up to explore what happened in the moments immediately after the Big Bang--on Wednesday found a particle called a beauty or bottom quark. CERN scientists have a wish list of particles they want to measure in the experiment, and the beauty quark is the first on the list that they have found.

The detection is a step on the road to the possible discovery of new particles or interactions between particles, said CERN physicist Christine Sutton. Beauty particles were first discovered in 1977.

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