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LG's new concept robots help with your drinks, shopping and luggage

The robots could be rolled out at airport lounges, high-end shopping centres and hotels.




LG has unveiled a trio of new concept "CLOi" robots (pronounced "KLOH-ee") designed to take the back-break out of carrying drinks, groceries and suitcases.

The Serving robot is aimed at fancy hotels and airport lounges, autonomously serving food and drink to customers. The Porter robot meanwhile will be responsible for delivering suitcases to guests' rooms in hotels. LG says the Porter can also "handle express check-in and check-out service and take care of payment."

Finally, the the Shopping Cart robot will be found in premium supermarkets and will be able to scan barcodes on products, carry items and direct customers to products they wish to purchase.

The robots are strictly concepts now, meaning there's no word on whether they'll eventually be put into full production to be seen in hotels and airports around the world.