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LG's line of phones you can't get

Here is a slide show of LG's Europe and Asia-only phones that we saw here at CES 2009. They include the LG Renoir, the LG Watch Phone, and even the LG Prada II.

We didn't see too many new U.S. devices from LG this year at CES 2009, but we did get a good look at some of the company's handsets that are only available in Europe or Asia. Of course, the LG Watch Phone stole the show earlier in the week, and that's slated for a Europe-only release date. We also got a hands-on with the LG Renoir, the 8-megapixel wonder with camera features we only wish we could have in our standalone point-and-shoots. And finally, we take a brief look at the LG Prada II and its accompanying Prada Link Bluetooth watch, which were behind glass the entire show (which explains why it's the only phone out of the three that we couldn't see in action). Take a look at our little slide show of LG phones we can only drool over for now.