LG W2486L approaches great

The LG W2486L finds it tough competing against the Samsung XL2370.

I reviewed the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 a few weeks back. (BTW, that monitor is slated to be released at Best Buy on October 12, if you're interested.) Since then, it seems the floodgates have been blown wide open when it comes to LED-backlit monitors.

Thursday, we posted a review of the LG W2486L, an LED monitor that has a similarly minimalist design to the XL2370--albeit with a not-quite-as-sleepy sensibility. Also, I just got the AOC V22 (a 22-inch 16:10 LED monitor) in and will soon be receiving a couple LED BenQ monitors.

So yeah, it's likely that over the next couple of months you'll be seeing more LED monitor reviews than you probably ever realized you needed to see.

Also, check out some close-up shots of the W2386L to see how its thinness compares with the XL2370 by clicking on the pics below. As always, all of our latest monitor reviewscan be found here.

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