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LG struts TVs on London runway

A red back, a hole in the frame, and an anorexic profile.

Back LG
Front LG

If anyone cared enough to wonder why LG was showing off its latest LCD TVs at London Fashion Week, one look at them will provide the answer.

The company provided an early peek at its "Super Slim" line at CES last month, startling Crave television guru David Katzmaier with an unusual round hole in the frame. Now it's added even more personality to its "cutting-edge TV collection" for the U.K. market by giving it a red-colored back to complement the "soft red pulsating glow" of the round LED aperture, according to Pocket-lint.

The real reason for its appearance at the fashion show, of course, is to flaunt its ultra-thin profile at a mere 1.7 inches thick. Because TVs can be just as anorexic as supermodels.