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LG pops out improved Magic Motion remote

LG has taken the wrapper off its newest Magic Motion remote that will be bundled with 2013 televisions; it now includes gesture recognition and a greater selection of controls.

LG has unveiled a new Magic Motion remote LG

LG has unleashed its newest Magic Motion remote control weeks ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it includes several improvements such as natural voice recognition and even backlighting.

The new television remote now uses four methods of control -- voice, gesture, point, and wheel -- and while the wheel was introduced this year, gestures and "natural" speech are new.

LG is taking on Samsung with its new natural speech feature; while Samsung users have to say "Hi, TV" to get the television to register, LG claims that phrases like "Show me 'Gangnam Style' video" will work as intended.

The remote will come in two iterations -- a premium and standard model -- with the premium Magic Motion remote featuring LED backlit buttons and a more compact design.

Having used LG Magic Motion remotes for several years, we welcome the addition of a dedicated Menu option, though the device has lost a lot of its former simplicity and now appears covered with buttons.